Condos on the Beach: What to bring?

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Packing for a vacation can be difficult, and it might be even a bit harder when you are staying at a condo versus a hotel option, but have no fear, Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals is here to ensure you are packed and ready to go. After packing your clothing and beachwear, you might be wondering what other items you need for your condos on the beach? Keep on reading to find out more!

The Kitchen

Unlike a hotel room, condominiums come equipped with kitchens. Our rentals are sure to have your kitchen essentials, but what about other necessities for cooking and cleaning? Rentals have starter packs of bath tissue, paper towels, trash bags, bath soap, and dishwashing detergent but you should bring extra items of these for your trip as you will have to replenish them. Don’t also forget to pack cleaner/sponges to help with little kitchen messes and zip lock bags or food containers for meals.

The Bathroom

Just like the start kit will have bath tissue, purchasing extra is important mainly depending on a few factors: trip duration and the number of people. You might want to consider kleenex or the other fabrics. Along with that, make sure you bring your soaps, shampoos, and bath items when packing your toiletries.

General Use

If you want to do any laundry while on vacation, we have provided, washer, dryers, and irons, but you will want to pack your favorite laundry detergent. To help save on space opt for laundry detergent packs rather than a bottle. For personal use do not forget to bring your sunglasses and sunscreen for outside, as well as beach towels.



However, you choose to spend your Biloxi beach vacation make sure you pack or purchase these items while staying at your condo rental. We recommend that if you’re flying to stop at a convenience store or grocery store to pick up these items, so you don’t have to worry about them in your suitcase. Book your stay with Biloxi Beach Resort Rentals for an unforgettable Mississippi summer getaway.  

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