Ever wondered what makes Biloxi, Mississippi, a year-round haven for visitors and locals alike? Beyond its sun-kissed beaches and historic sites, Biloxi boasts an eclectic array of events that celebrate the rich tapestry of its culture and community spirit. From the symbolic start of Mardi Gras at the Biloxi Twelfth Night to the festive lights of the Annual Christmas on the Water Boat Parade, the city offers something for everyone. Discover the vibrant events that make Biloxi, MS, calendar of events truly unique.

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Biloxi, MS, Calendar of Events for The Year

January: A Festive Beginning

mardi gras masksBiloxi begins the year with the vibrant Biloxi Twelfth Night, marking Mardi Gras’ start with a parade from the Biloxi Lighthouse to City Hall, celebrating the shift from holiday cheer to carnival revelry.

February: Rodeo Excitement and More

February brings the Professional Cowboys Championships Finals to Biloxi, a highlight event where top rodeo talent competes for glory at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum. It’s an action-packed showcase of skill, culture, and community, representing the Southeast’s best rodeo.

March: Culinary Delights and Cultural Celebrations

March in Biloxi is flavorful and festive, starting with the D’Iberville BBQ Festival. This culinary event offers mouthwatering barbecue, arts, and live music in a family-friendly atmosphere. It’s a testament to Biloxi’s vibrant community spirit and love for good food and fellowship.

Additional events in March include:

April: Musical Beats and Crawfish Eats

seafood boilIn April, the Crawfish Music Festival is a popular celebration where attendees enjoy headline entertainment alongside delicious, boiled crawfish. Set against the scenic Mississippi Sound, it’s an event that combines great music, food, and fun, showcasing Biloxi’s warm hospitality and rich culinary traditions in Biloxi, MS, April events.

May: Adventure and Community on Wheels

Jeepin The Coast takes the spotlight in May. It’s a five-day celebration that brings Jeep enthusiasts together along the picturesque Gulf Coast. It showcases community, adventure, and the joy of exploring Biloxi’s beautiful landscapes.

Also happening in May:

June: Summer Festivities

June starts with the Biloxi Blues Festival, blending soulful music with savory barbecue to celebrate local culture and flavors. As summer unfolds, Biloxi continues to buzz with events that capture the essence of Gulf Coast living, from music festivals to family-friendly fairs.

Further enriching the summer are:

September: A Seafood Celebration

The Biloxi Seafood Festival in September is a highlight for foodies. It features the best local seafood, live entertainment, and crafts. It’s a flavorful showcase of Biloxi’s seafood heritage, offering a taste of the Gulf Coast’s bounty in a festive setting.

October: Cruisin’ the Coast

cruising the coast biloxiFor Biloxi, MS, October events, Cruisin’ The Coast is a spectacular event that transforms Biloxi into a haven for car enthusiasts. With classic cars cruising along the Gulf Coast, it’s a vibrant celebration of automotive history, community, and Mississippi’s beauty.

November: Cultural Richness

In November, the Scottish Highland Games and Celtic Music Festival offers a dive into Scottish and Celtic cultures. Through music, food, and athletic competitions, it celebrates heritage and brings a piece of Scotland and Celtic traditions to Biloxi’s shores.

December: Festive Lights on the Water

December shines bright with the Annual Christmas on the Water Boat Parade, a dazzling display of boats adorned with holiday lights. It’s a festive end to the year, bringing the community together to celebrate the season with a unique Biloxi tradition. It is a great Christmas event in Biloxi, MS.

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