As a member of the military in the Biloxi area, you may find yourself in need of short-term housing from Keesler Air Force Base Military Housing. Finding suitable accommodations can sometimes be challenging, whether you need temporary housing or you’re waiting for permanent military housing to open up for availability. Keesler Air Force Base (AFB) offers various short-term Keesler military housing options for service members and their families. In this blog, we’ll explore these housing options and some frequently asked questions about the process.

Types of Short-Term Military Housing at Keesler AFB

Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs)

Temporary Lodging Facilities (TLFs) provide short-term housing accommodation, usually for 30 days, for the military and their families in between homes. These apartments are fully furnished apartments or townhomes with at least one bedroom or more. There is also a full kitchen, a living room, and a bathroom. They also have kitchenware, linens, appliances, and other basic amenities. TLFs are available for active duty, military retirees, and their families.

Visiting Quarters (VQs) and Distinguished Visiting Quarters (DVQs)

Visiting Quarters (VQs) and Distinguished Visiting Quarters (DVGs) are also temporary living accommodations for military personnel but reserved for military members on temporary duty assignments (TDY), training, or waiting for permanent Keesler on base housing. The amenities are similar to hotel accommodation, with a bed, a desk, a TV, and a bathroom. They are smaller than TLFs but still comfortable for temporary stays.

Privatized Military Housing

Privatized military housing is a program that allows private companies to build and manage housing for military members and their families. These accommodations often have more amenities and are nicer than VQs, DVQs, or TLFs.

Per Diem Military Housing

Per Diem Keesler military housing is short-term lodging for military members on a TDY or authorized travel away from their permanent station. The per diem allowance covers lodging and daily expenses like meals, transportation, and laundry. Military personnel are required to stay in government or contracted accommodations such as VQs and TLFs. Allowance rates may vary, so check the rates specific to your location to ensure proper coverage.

Keesler Air Force Base Military Housing offers a variety of options for service members and their families to find suitable short-term options. Whether on temporary assignment or waiting for permanent housing, temporary lodging is available. Be sure to contact the lodging office with any questions so they can help you with availability and any accommodations you may need. If you have pets, be sure to have all their shots and papers updated in advance.

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