You Need To Visit the Historic Biloxi Lighthouse

One of the most photographed sites on the Mississippi Gulf Coast is the historic Biloxi Lighthouse. This structure is Biloxi’s signature landmark and is the only lighthouse situated in the middle of a major highway. The next time you visit Biloxi, check out the Biloxi Lighthouse and see for yourself what makes it so special.  

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All About the Biloxi Lighthouse 

Whether you’re a history buff, a lover of all things nautical, or you’re just looking for a fun day out in Biloxi; you need to visit the Biloxi Lighthouse 

History of the Lighthouse

biloxi lighthouse

In 1848, the Biloxi Lighthouse was erected and was one of the South’s first cast-iron lighthouses. Until 1939 it was civilian operated and infamous for having multiple female lightkeepers, such as Maria Younghans, who worked the light for 53 years! The United States Coast Guard assumed responsibility of the lighthouse in 1939 until 1968 when it was deeded to the City of Biloxi.   

Throughout the years, the Biloxi Lighthouse withstood many weathering storms. During Hurricane Katrina in 2005, the storm surge engulfed a third of the lighthouses height, broke multiple windows, destroyed the electrical system, and knocked off many bricks. After a 14-month, $400,000 restoration, the city re-opened the lighthouse to public tours in 2010. Today, it signifies the city’s resilience through Katrina and the various other storms the city has endured. 

Visiting the Lighthouse 

The historic Biloxi Lighthouse stands at 65 feet tall. It’s open to the public for tours, and you can even climb to the top. The trek includes 57 steps up a spiral staircase, climbing an eight-rung ladder, then going through a 19-by-23-inch trap door into the lightroom. As visitors make their way upwards, they can see waterlines from hurricanes dating farther back than 100 years. Once at the top, you’ll be able to see outstanding sights of the Gulf. You won’t find a better view anywhere else in Biloxi!  

It’s important to note that the climb is quite strenuous, and if you have difficulty with climbing steps, you should not attempt the tour.  

Weather permitting, tours of the lighthouse are offered daily. Admission is $5 for adults and $2 for children 12 years and younger.  

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